Three city walks with museums

Three city walks with museums

You probably already knew that museums have recently reopened, but did you also know that many museums have in the meantime developed walks in the ErfgoedApp , as an addition to your museum visit? In this article, we introduce you to a few city walks.

The invisible traces of Ghent's circus past | Huis van Alijn

Ghent has a special bond with the circus. The city used to be the place to be if you were a circus lover. Many famous circus directors and internationally acclaimed artists came from Ghent. If you stroll through Ghent today, you can still see some physical traces of the city's vibrant circus past. Others have disappeared, but behind the new façades, in street names or on squares, there are still plenty of stories. In this city walk, you will discover why Ghent is called the circus city of Flanders. Huis van Alijn developed this exhibition walk to complement the new exhibition. Read more

Historical city walk reconstruction Kortrijk | Museums Kortrijk

This tour shows you the way to buildings that were erected here and there in the city just after the Second World War. Follow the walking route and listen to the stories behind these facades. Read more

Red Light District Tour | City Museums Dendermonde

The Municipal Museums of Dendermonde designed a 'Red Light District Tour'. This tour guides cyclists along districts and neighbourhoods of Dendermonde with an important festive tradition. The focus is on locally bounded festive traditions and their cultural heritage: think for example of giants or parade horses. The Red Light District procession also created a strong local dynamic. Expect a folksy bike ride with a twist here and there. Read more

RESET | Emile Van Dorenmuseum

With the walk RESET Emile Van Doren, the museum invites you to walk in the landscape yourself, in the footsteps of the artists who found inspiration there since the mid-19th century. The walk leads you along the Molenvijver to the Heempark and back again to villa Le Coin Perdu. At a few special places, you can stop and look at the landscape through the eyes of an artist. Read more

Extra: Bruegel trail | Bokrijk

Prefer not to go for a walk in the city? Last year was the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. At Open-Air Museum Bokrijk, you can imagine yourself in the middle of a painting by this Flemish master. Discover in a surprising way how relevant his work still is today via an inspiring route or interactive game. Until 3 January you can discover the museum as a walking park. Further reading