Court of Busleyden launches museum podcasts

Court of Busleyden launches museum podcasts

A classicist talks about the rebirth of the Court of Busleyden, a musician translates Burgundian life into music and a psychiatrist connects past and present.

Don't call the museum podcasts ordinary audio tours, but an expanding look at the museum through the eyes of quirky storytellers Patrick De Rynck, Jurgen De bruyn and Dirk de Wachter, in audio direction by young radio makers Wederik De Backer and Lucas Derycke.

Until early next year, visitors can still try out these podcasts for free on the devices in the museum.

New version of ErfgoedApp for rentals and loans

Especially for and with the support of the Court of Busleyden, a version of ErfgoedApp was tinkered with specifically for rental and loan devices. This version is even simpler than the "regular" version that you can download freely. It allows you to choose from only two buttons, since you do not have to select a tour. The decision not to opt solely for the'Bring your own device' principle, where visitors use their own device during the museum visit, was partly driven by Hof van Busleyden's intention to make the museum visit as simple and inclusive as possible. The new version 'ErfgoedApp offline' is now also available to other users of the ErfgoedApp and is available through FARO.


Because the museum wants to tell a number of stories in each room, Hof van Busleyden chose to work with Heritage Beacons. One or more beacons were installed in each room, depending on the size of the room. About forty beacons ensure that per location you automatically receive the stories via the near-function of the ErfgoedApp. This installation will also be an example for similar installations in other museums. Thanks to the fixed beacons, new stories can easily be added in the future.