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It works the ErfgoedApp

Press the info button at the bottom of the app's home page, you will get more info at the different buttons and features. To get started you usually need to start a tour. The overview of tours can be found under the compass button.

I cannot scan the object

Stand directly in front of the object and make sure the object is fully in view of the scan window. If this does not work check that you have started the correct tour via the compass button.

Is the ErfgoedApp free?

Yes using the ErfgoedApp is completely free, so you can always discover more information and stories at heritage sites. However, museums using the app may charge income to visit the exhibition or museum. The app also contains no advertisements.

Is it possible to use the ErfgoedApp if you are not on site?

The purpose of the ErfgoedApp is to provide you with more information and stories on location at heritage sites, for this you usually had to be on site e.g. at the museum or at the historical site. Many features of the app only work on location. Some walks and bike tours can already be (partly) explored and discovered via the map in the app. 

I have a black screen when I want to scan

Give the ErfgoedApp access to use your camera. 

Some Samsung S22,S23 and S24 use a proprietary custom graphics card that is not compatible with the ErfgoedApp. To our regret, these devices cannot scan with the ErfgoedApp. We are working with Samsung to find and resolve the problem.

What about my privacy?

The ErfgoedApp respects the privacy of its users. To use localization, bluetooth and camera, the app always requests access. It is important for the proper functioning of the app that you give that permission. The only data the ErfgoedApp keeps is the number of times a tour has been started and how many times a story has been opened. The ErfgoedApp never asks for personal data and thus cannot link the use of the app to a person. The app also does not contain any ads, external statistics that could violate your privacy. Please also read our privacy and terms and conditions:

I would like to use the ErfgoedApp for a project

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