Discovering digital cycling history at KOERS

Discovering digital cycling history at KOERS

KOERS, the museum of cycling in Roeselare, developed its first digital tour in ErfgoedApp. The reason for this is the hygiene measures within the framework of COVID-19. These ensure that many traditional tools in a museum collection can no longer be used in the same way. How did the museum experience the effect of the tour?

Digital alternative

KOERS uses the ErfgoedApp to replace the audiovisual content that the museum offered before the corona crisis via touchscreens and audiophones. The museum uses the AR function of the app to scan objects and photos. Spoken anecdotes by famous or less famous cyclists will soon follow.

For the museum, the added value of the app lies mainly in the fact that visitors can discover additional and tailored background information. In a hygienic and safe way, people decide for themselves, via their own device, which additional information they want to read or listen to.

The museum started developing a tour based on the premise that it could continue to offer the same content as before the crisis, so that the visitor experience would not change. The museum spaces are very interactive with touch screens, audiophones and chests of drawers. This made it a bit of a puzzle to find an appropriate approach. KOERS ultimately chose to group the digital content as much as possible so that visitors can select for themselves what they want to look at or listen to at ErfgoedApp .

Before the start of their visit, people receive an extensive briefing on the use of the app via the website. This information is also provided at the reception desk. There is free wifi, reception staff help to install the app and scan a first video clip with the visitor. Feedback from visitors ensures that adjustments can be made on a regular basis. Some visitors prefer to discover the museum without a smartphone, but those who do use the app find it a valuable enrichment.

Want to get started?

Do you want to develop a tour at ErfgoedApp? The DIY guide is a useful starting point.

Are you going to KOERS soon? Then these testimonials are a nice foretaste. During the closing ceremony people like Sioen, Helmut Lotti or Griet Langedock talked about their favourite cycling object in a short film. In the museum itself you can search for cycling heritage in the streets via ErfgoedApp . Are there streets named after cyclists in your municipality? Or are there any statues?

Even more inspiration

The complete overview of tours in ErfgoedApp can be found easily at At you will find a handy overview of all museums that have already reopened.