Devilish pranks, treasure hunts and robbers

Devilish pranks, treasure hunts and robbers

The days are shortening, end of year approaches. That also means extra cozy moments for a heritage visit. The ErfgoedApp enriches your cultural excursions with multimedia information using the latest technology. So we launched these and these tours earlier this year and started a tour in Flemish Sign Language.

Will you join us in discovering some new tours in the ErfgoedApp?

Kollergang (Weert)

Kollergang Weert in the ErfgoedApp

Weert used to have eight city mills. The mills ground grain for the inhabitants and were intensively used by the tanneries, the cloth industry or for pressing oil. Thanks in part to the mills, the agricultural village was able to grow into a medieval town with its own cloth halls in Haarlem and Antwerp. Molennetwerk Kempenbroek takes you on this walk past the places where the eight mills once stood.

You start at the Brook Gate for a 5 km walk that takes about 1.5 hours.

Peasant warrior walk (Berlare)

Peasant warrior walk Overmere in the ErfgoedApp

Overmere once started the Boer War, the largest rebellion against the French regime in 1798. After more than 200 years, the Peasants' War still lives in the hearts of many inhabitants. On the occasion of the reconstruction of the Boer War Park, a real walk was launched at ErfgoedApp .

There is a 4.5 and 6.5 km walking loop. You start at the Peasant War Memorial. Read more info here.

Treasure hunt Leopold Park (Brussels)

Treasure hunt Leopold Park in the ErfgoedApp

The Museum of Natural Sciences, the Parliamentarium and the House of European History have joined forces to develop a real treasure hunt. In this interactive game, you will discover the secrets of Leopold Park by means of hints and riddles. In the various museums, you will search for the right object and receive hints for a special location in Leopold Park. You will discover a wealth of knowledge!

This treasure hunt was launched as part of the Brussels Museum Nocturnes.

Is the devil in our blood? (Halle)

Devil Halle ErfgoedApp

Not to worry, in Halle the devil is a brightly flavored local beer from the lambic beer family. Will you resist its temptation? This interactive beer walk will guide you through streets and squares in search of the spirit of the devil and Halle's centuries-old brewing tradition.

The walk starts at the Grand Place in Halle.

About robbers and gnomes (Zele)

About robbers and gnomes in the ErfgoedApp

Folk tales are hip. They appeal to the imagination and add color to local history. Werewolves, tormentors, witches and ghosts take young and old into the wonderful world of the past. Erfgoedcel Land van Dendermonde puts a lot of effort into the inventory and disclosure of local and regional folktales. With three bike loops in the region, you can listen to some gems of stories in the local dialect. The route About robbers and gnomes is one of them. About devils and giants and About cats and ghosts complete the series.

You start in Zele and cycle 42 km through Berlare, Wichelen and Zele.