Grotto of Jette

Grotto of Jette

Sunday saw the launch of the audio guide to the 'Grotteke van Jette'. The Brussels Heritage Unit is the first to make use of the new audio player that has recently been added to ErfgoedApp .

The audio walk will tell you more about this 100-year-old replica of the grotto in Lourdes, where Mary is said to have appeared to Bernadette in 1858. More than a hundred years later, the Lourdes grotto in Jette is still there, including a landscape garden with a Way of the Cross and chapels for the Rosary.

Although religious in origin, this place has also acquired a cultural significance for many inhabitants of Brussels. The Brussels Heritage Cell, BBOT, VPW Brussels-West asbl and the Essegem Community Centre interviewed volunteers, visitors and enthusiasts and turned them into an audio walk. The audio guide takes you on a tour of the '13 stations' and you hear first-hand what makes this place so special.

You can borrow an audio guide from the shop 'Avé Maria' next to the grotto or just use your own smartphone with the ErfgoedApp. Select via the 'Nearby' button or the walking and cycling map in ErfgoedApp the walk 'The Lourdes grotto of Jette' and listen to the fragments on your phone. Even if you are not in Jette, you can listen to the walk via the ErfgoedApp. No location restriction has been set.

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For this walk, the Brussels Heritage Cell was the first to make use of the new audio player that was recently added to ErfgoedApp . The simple mp3 player with optional photo and text functions is ideal for those who want to make a quick audio guide or walk.