Find out more about BKRK Bread

Find out more about BKRK Bread

Since this weekend in the yard of the Kilbershoeve from Meeuwen in Bokrijk, you will discover everything about the craft of bread. You will discover not only a number of pieces from the Bokrijk collection, such as bakers' tools, but also the many traditions surrounding bread, its meaning and importance.

The barn in the yard underwent extensive restoration and is now furnished as De Superette Bokrijk. For this, Bokrijk entered into cooperation with "contemporary craftsman" Kobe Desramaults, who chose Bokrijk to open a second branch.

The Bokrijk Collection

The theme of "bread" is hinted at in the houses at Meeuwen yard, a building that has been in Bokrijk since 1700 and whose bakery has been used as a museum bakery for many years. With BKRK, Bokrijk is taking a substantive step further. The Ghent research agency Geheugen Collectief conducted extensive historical research on the house of Meeuwen and the baking techniques of the past. Via the ErfgoedApp Bokrijk, in-depth information will be unlocked.

Discover MORE with the ErfgoedApp

The Bokrijk collection forms the basis of the museum display in the residence and bakery of the Kilbershoeve of Meeuwen. The collection of craft tools, together with audiovisual presentations, tells the meaning of bread (economic, social, religious ...) yesterday, today and tomorrow. With the ErfgoedApp you can scan the exhibits and learn more about objects such as patakons, the lard pot and the doofpot.

Learn more about "BKRK bread" on the Bokrijk website.